Nissan GT-R EGOIST 2011

Nissan GT-R EGOIST 2011: Together with the presentation of the standard, SpecV and Club Track variants of the once again facelifted GT-R in Japan today, Nissan also released a new bespoke edition of its supercar named “EGOIST”.

Crafted to cater the needs of those seeking more exclusivity and luxury, the Egoist combines bits and pieces from the SpecV such as the carbon fiber wing, Rays alloy wheels and titanium exhaust, with premium materials and special equipment inside.

The Egoist’s cabin is trimmed entirely in leather with quilted seating surfaces and customers can choose from four different colors for the upper area and 10 for the lower area. And if it makes you feel better, the leather bits are hand-made by a company in Germany.

And how much will the Egoist cost Japanese buyers, we hear you ask? The answer is 15,000,300 Yen (~ US$184,500), or close to twice the price of the base model which starts at 8,694,000 Yen (~ USD106,900) in Japan.

Nissan GT-R EGOIST 2011
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